We manufacture super absorbent mats, double-sided and/or slip resistant, in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs.

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Our customizable OR Clean Up Kits include our floor suction and absorbent mat products to protect your staff and patients, and keep floors dry. 
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The search for Big FOOT is over.

Big FOOT offers a comprehensive fluid waste management solution for your Operating Room, including fluid waste manifolds, floor suction devices, super absorbent mats, pre-owned capital and service...

We manufacture floor suction devices that are effective, safe, quiet, affordable, and more reliable than the competition.

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The lowest cost for a comprehensive fluid waste management solution available 

We are dedicated to ensuring that your operating room floors are dry and safe during every procedure, protecting your patients and staff through best-in-class products at the best prices. 

Our Products

* The ORIGINAL Big FOOT * The Quiet Big FOOT Suction Disc * The Big FOOT Suction Disc * The Super Absorbent Double-Sided Mats or The Super Absorbent Mats with Waterproof Backsheet (Various Configurations) * The OR Floor Clean Up Kits (Combination Pack - Big FOOT Suction Devices & Absorbent Mat Configurations) 

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OR Clean Up Kits

“So quiet you don’t even notice Big FOOT, and the floors were spotless” ~ Karen M. 

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