We manufacture super absorbent mats, double-sided and/or slip resistant, in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs.

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OR Clean Up Packs


The lowest cost for a comprehensive fluid waste management solution available 

We are dedicated to ensuring that your operating room floors are dry and safe during every procedure, protecting your patients and staff through best-in-class products at the best prices. 

Our Products

* The ORIGINAL Big FOOT * The Quiet Big FOOT Suction Disc * The Big FOOT Suction Disc * The Super Absorbent Double-Sided Mats or The Super Absorbent Mats with Waterproof Backsheet (Various Configurations) * The OR Floor Clean Up Kits (Combination Pack - Big FOOT Suction Devices & Absorbent Mat Configurations) 

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“So quiet you don’t even notice Big FOOT, and the floors were spotless” ~ Karen M. 

Our customizable OR Clean Up Kits include our floor suction and absorbent mat products to protect your staff and patients, and keep floors dry. 
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​Floor Suction

OR Clean Up Kits

The search for Big FOOT is over.

Big FOOT has been keeping operating room floors dry throughout thousands of procedures each year 

We manufacture floor suction devices that are effective, safe, quiet, affordable, and more reliable than the competition.

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