Big FOOT makes the difference

Our team of product developers have more than 50 years of combined experience in delivering products to markets across various industries. Big FOOT Suction, a sister company to a larger medical device manufacturing firm, began developing various floor suction devices in 2012 to connect to fluid waste management systems used in the operating room. After trials developing products that could be used for suction, absorbing, and movability, The Original Big FOOT was born with winning combination of all three. Big FOOT was granted a United States Patent for its ORIGINAL design and utility (US9943201B2). Along with many registered trademarks, Big FOOT has several other patents pending, and a suite of products designed to be low cost, reliable, and the product you have all been searching for. 

Our Team

Big FOOT is our leader, but we have a pretty awesome supporting cast!

Carol Wolfe & The Support Team 

Carol works tirelessly to support our customers and our team of Big FOOT Distributors across the country and throughout the world.  She follows and leads production efforts from start to finish, and makes sure that Big FOOT has its best "foot" forward from the time it leaves our warehouse to the time it touches the operating room floor.  Carol always enjoys a great conversation, tennis, and time with her three grandchildren.  Her efforts to lead our teams and create safe and sustainable healthcare environments is unmatched. 

Big Suction, Little Footprint

Nick Esposito & Family 

Nick focuses on product development, sales, marketing and distribution. Instrumental to the companies' humble beginnings, Nick is dedicated to providing the best products at the most cost effective prices for our customers. He is heavily active in his community, and committed to protecting clinicians and patients in hospitals and surgery centers throughout the nation. 


Big FOOT focuses largely on keeping the floors in operating rooms dry and safe across America. He has lived in privacy for centuries deep within the Washington State National Forests developing the perfect suite of floor suction devices for our operating room floors. In private practice he has broadened his work into various areas of safety and risk management throughout the hospital, but remains dedicated to drying floors and keeping patients and clinicians safe. 



“We cannot believe how inexpensive they are, and they dried the floors as good as anything we have ever used” ~ Bob R. 

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